7 Steps in Training and Molding a Top-Notch Virtual Assistant for Your Business

Training and Molding a Top-Notch Virtual Assistant“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation” – Aristotle

Establishing a good business requires the best people to handle it. To become one of the best people in any business one needs to undergo training. The Aristotelian philosophy above is true enough. For those individuals who want to be the best virtual assistants, it is a necessity that they undergo virtual assistant training so they will be able to adapt quickly to the nature of work and perform the assigned tasks with efficiency and effectiveness.

There are a lot of affordable virtual assistant training programs available today that can help in molding a topnotch virtual assistant. No matter the certification, getting training that encompasses the following 7 steps is a must. Here they are:

  1. Create a convenient schedule.Setting a schedule is a good start. Identify the most convenient time for you and your client. In most instances 5 to 6 hours per day is enough.
  2. Get ready to face the pressure. A virtual assistant needs to know everything about the training – from the positive aspects to the pitfalls of the business. Pressure at work is always present so virtual assistants must be prepared.
  3. Make the training interesting. Trainees undergo training to be able to learn many things about your business. When possible make this fun and creative. Interaction and feedback is the key.
  4. Provide materials. You are obliged to do this for the convenience of trainees. These training materials may include short instructional videos, hand-outs, PowerPoint slides, training kit and even evaluation exams (both pre- and post-training exams).
  5. Monitor updates and outcome. It is important to keep track of your performance. This way you will be able to find out who can do best job for your business. At the end of the training you can distinguish which tasks are appropriate for each assistant. Training and Molding a Top-Notch Virtual Assistant
  6. Reward your virtual assistant. Giving rewards doesn’t always mean that you give financial incentives. Rewards can be in the form of verbal compliment or acknowledgement. A simple appreciation in the form of encouragement or praise can boost a person’s feeling towards his work. Often times giving bonuses to show your appreciation that your VA has been doing well for your business can be beneficial but it is not typically required. It can also be in a form of extra payment or what we call performance based incentive.
  7. Pay the right salary. You typically get what you pay for. Don’t always go with the cheapest alternative! Remember that one reason why your VAs work for you is to pay their bills. Give the salary that they deserve. If one day they realize that you are paying appropriately for their skill set, you may risk losing their service to another business owner who is willing to pay more.

There is no room for virtual assistants who are not skillful enough to handle multiple tasks and deliver high quality results. If you need a world class virtual assistant for your business, providing the best training to your new hires is essential. With your help their skills will be developed more quickly which will allow them to move your business forward.

Top Five Good Things You Get By Hiring and Training a Virtual Assistant

Hiring and Training a Virtual AssistantAs a business owner you’re often busy and your time has much value in your life. Your business is on top of your priority list and you probably spend more time on it compared to anything else in your life. Sadly, there isn’t enough time in a day to do all the things you need to accomplish to be successful. The consequence? A seemingly endless backlog!

This is why you need to contact a virtual assistant to help you do all the things you need accomplished for your business to stay on track.

A virtual assistant can definitely be a great help to you. As long as you provide the needed virtual assistant training, there’s little doubt your relationship with your VA will be a huge asset . Here are five good things you can expect from a virtual assistant:

  1. You only pay them for the specific task you assign. There are virtual assistants who work on a per-project basis. If you take on a new project that requires more help simply choose to hire a VA on per project basis. No need to have a full time employee around when there is no work or tasks for them to complete.
  2. You can save from a lot of costs and utilization of resources. There is no need to supply a virtual assistant with a lot of the typical costs associated with a traditional assistant for instance; office space, Internet, computer, work station,materials, and more. A virtual assistant works with you through the web so there’s no need to worry about space and other resources unless these resources are directly involved with your specific tasks.
  3. You can easily find the availability of a virtual assistant’s services. Virtual assistants work remotely and can help you when you need it and from almost anywhere. You can either choose freelancers or those who are connected with virtual assistant firms. They can handle any project, special or not, at any time of the year. Hiring and Training a Virtual Assistant
  4. You can give more focus on the core tasks of your business and even on your personal life. This perhaps is the best benefit you can get from hiring a VA. You can have more time doing the more important business tasks; it will even allow you more time to travel if you need to! Knowing that there’s someone you can trust to help you with your business can keep you from drowning yourself in piles of documents and never-ending deadlines.
  5. You can expect work productivity and effective marketing efforts from a proficient virtual assistant. Virtual assistants are skilled professionals. As such, they know all the basics of marketing and can help you grow your business promoting your business online. They are also well-equipped to use the Internet and social media in promoting your organization.

Virtual assistants are an all-in-one solution that you can hire to take care of your business processes. They can save you time, money, and effort. Remember that having a business is not always fun if you are tired of doing the sometimes pesky and boring duties required to maintain your business on an ongoing basis. Now, you have a choice — either you continue killing yourself or you hire a virtual assistant!

By choosing the latter,you can keep your business up without all the headaches. Hire your own virtual assistant now, and see for yourself!

Virtual Assistant Training Programs: Which One is Best for You?

Many people have already chosen to take a career in the field of virtual assistance because they either have the experience or they have undergone trainings to be a skilled virtual assistant. A virtual assistant is a new career for mostly young professionals who live through the influence of technology. This group of professionals have a greater sense of independence and flexibility in doing things on their own.

The virtual assistant job is a dynamic profession that provides us a constant opportunity to learn and re-learn things. Taking some virtual assistant training programs will help you in so many ways as you go along. Let’s take a look at these possible questions in choosing a training program.

  • Is everybody welcome for this training program?
  • How long is the training program?
  • Who are involved in this training? What is his background? How long has he been in this business?
  • Do they provide learning resources?
  • How much is the program? Can I afford it? Do they offer payment plans?
  • What are the methods used in this training?
  • What are the benefits of this training?

After you have answered all these questions, assess yourself – your willingness, capabilities, time, and resources – to see if you’re ready to take the training and become a skilled virtual assistant. Then, search for the virtual assistant training provider that best suits your needs. Here are a couple of suggestions:

  1. Virtual Assistant Startup System
    VA Startup System is created by Tawnya Sutherland who is a certified virtual assistant. They provide a step-by-step workbook including a wide range collection of advice and practical guidance when starting your virtual assistant business. It also includes resource materials plus VA business plans and templates.
  2. Virtual Assistant U
    This organization was founded by Janet L. Jordan. They offer a variety of courses and mini-courses to help aspiring virtual assistants as well as seasoned ones to improve their business.
  3. Assist U
    Assist U offers a variety of articles and blogs for aspiring virtual assistants. They give flexible payment options and personal care for those students who plan to join the team. This is founded by Stacy Brice who is now the President and Chief Visionary Officer.
  4. JERPATVA Coaching
    Patty Benton is the head of this program and the coach of virtual assistants. Their sessions focus more on the advantages of the profession to encourage aspiring virtual assistants. They offer reasonable prices and a chance of being a member of her team is waiting once you’re done with the training.
  5. VA Training
    This one offers a jumpstart program for those who want to start quickly and for those who have enough time to work. They have various options for tuition and coaching that you can choose from. They always make sure that you get the best experience once you go with their team.
  6. Virtual Dynamos
    This is a one-on-one coaching with students by Rebecca and Jon Trelfa. They offer reasonable prices for students which includes coaching, correspondence, assessment, and training sheets.

So, have you chosen what’s best for you? You’re on your way to being the best virtual assistant if you only invest in these virtual assistant training programs. Learning their techniques and strategies will help develop your capabilities in handling your clients. There is no difficult job if you open yourself to learning its inner workings.

5 Important Reasons Why You Should Think of Getting a Virtual Assistant Training Certification

“Pursue excellence, and success will follow. Pants down!”- Rancho, from the movie 3 Idiots.

This simple comic quote is especially true if you’re in a business, no matter how big or small it is. Whether you are an aspiring or accomplished virtual assistant or just starting a virtual assistant business, accept that something needs to be learned. While there are so many virtual assistants out there who succeed without getting any training, getting a certification from a specified virtual assistant training program can actually boost your career.

Take a deep breath and examine the following list of reasons why you should get a virtual assistant training certification.

  1. Being trained makes you stand out from the rest. A good virtual assistant training program certainly helps you get ahead of the competition. If you are just starting out as a virtual assistant or a virtual assistant business owner, this levels up your credibility to the eyes of many potential employers or clients.
  2. Training develops your confidence. Submitting yourself to a virtual assistant training program will give you an opportunity to broaden your knowledge and skills. This is actually the perfect time to assess your strengths and weaknesses. Once your knowledge base is already adequate and your skills are all brushed up, you become more confident. Believe it or not, confidence does really matter when dealing with potential clients or employers.
  3. Professional training increases your work productivity. This is especially true if you have a virtual assistant business of your own. With the knowledge and skills that you have acquired from a virtual assistant training program, you learn to market your business to the next level. Also, you learn the services that are highly in demand in your target market. This way you can focus on how to strengthen your effort to market your services.
  4. Your certification increases your market value. Getting a specialized knowledge from a specific virtual assistant training program may justify higher hourly rates. This would mean higher salary for you or more profits for your virtual assistant business.
  5. Training widens your network and contacts. By engaging in some virtual assistant training programs, you are able to connect with other virtual assistants. It is always useful to make professional contacts with other people in your line of business as you have someone to share your experiences with.

Training certifications are not merely pieces of papers. They serve a good purpose to every virtual assistant or virtual assistant business owner. The personal and business-building benefits of attending a reputable virtual assistant training program undoubtedly outweigh the costs, worries and reluctance that you are now feeling with regard to getting a training certification.

Shop for training services offered by reliable virtual assistant companies and be a certified and expertly trained virtual assistant!

Training Your Virtual Assistant: The First Step to a Successful Outsourcing Experience

Many professionals like realtors, authors, and business owners have now come to realize the need to hire virtual assistants. Growing their businesses requires so much time, and having a virtual assistant is the most viable option to take.

What is a virtual assistant? What can they do to improve your business? Are they good enough to handle the task you want to give them? You might have asked yourself these questions. Worried that they might not be able to meet your standards and that you’ll end up frustrated instead of relieved, you think twice about getting your own Virtual Assistant. Don’t! Everything will be smooth-flowing if you only spend time training your virtual assistant?

Expectations Of A Virtual Assistant
Virtual assistants are expected to possess versatility and flexibility in handling various client requirements. As clients need creative, administrative, or technical support, virtual assistants need to be highly independent and multi-talented so they can deliver beyond clients’ expectations.

Virtual Assistant Training
Training your virtual assistant is a big MUST so you can maximize their services. A thorough understanding of your business processes will make them highly effective members of your team. This may require time during your startup, but once they’re up to speed, you’ll worry no more. Here are some things that you must train your virtual assistant to have:

  • Tools. Introduce the applications and tools that you use. Do you use Quickbooks, CRM apps, or virtual phone systems? Your VA should master all these just like you.
  • Time management. Of all the attitudes that your assistant must possess, this perhaps is of considerable importance. Train them to be conscious of set deadlines. If the task is recurring, create a schedule when they should accomplish certain tasks.
  • Resourcefulness. Virtual assistants should be masters of the Internet. Train them to be independent and resourceful when questions arise. With Google at their disposal, there’s no way their questions can’t be answered.
  • Initiative. Initiative goes hand in hand with independence. A virtual assistant who has learned the ins and outs of your business knows what to do next when a task is done.

Outsourcing Appropriate Tasks To A Virtual Assistant
What are some of the things that a virtual assistant can do for you? When you’re done training your virtual assistant, you’ll be surprised to see them doing practically anything that you will assign — from the smallest assistance to the most complicated task like the following:

  • Keep your calendars, schedule, database, and mails updated for you
  • Research and write about a certain topic
  • Act as your secretary
  • Promote your business on the web
  • Create cards, posters, blogs, and articles for your growing business
  • Make multiple online accounts for you to have easy access with your clients
  • …and a lot more!

Hiring a virtual assistant for your business will always be the best option, especially if you’re always on the go. Aside from saving costs, you get to deal with people from offshore locations and savor the benefits of technology to the fullest.

But always remember that the success of your outsourcing experience depends on YOU and it all starts with training your virtual assistant and bringing them into the heart of your business. Look for a reliable virtual assistant company now, prepare your training tools, and get the most out of whoever you choose!