Training Your Virtual Assistant: The First Step to a Successful Outsourcing Experience

Many professionals like realtors, authors, and business owners have now come to realize the need to hire virtual assistants. Growing their businesses requires so much time, and having a virtual assistant is the most viable option to take.

What is a virtual assistant? What can they do to improve your business? Are they good enough to handle the task you want to give them? You might have asked yourself these questions. Worried that they might not be able to meet your standards and that you’ll end up frustrated instead of relieved, you think twice about getting your own Virtual Assistant. Don’t! Everything will be smooth-flowing if you only spend time training your virtual assistant?

Expectations Of A Virtual Assistant
Virtual assistants are expected to possess versatility and flexibility in handling various client requirements. As clients need creative, administrative, or technical support, virtual assistants need to be highly independent and multi-talented so they can deliver beyond clients’ expectations.

Virtual Assistant Training
Training your virtual assistant is a big MUST so you can maximize their services. A thorough understanding of your business processes will make them highly effective members of your team. This may require time during your startup, but once they’re up to speed, you’ll worry no more. Here are some things that you must train your virtual assistant to have:

  • Tools. Introduce the applications and tools that you use. Do you use Quickbooks, CRM apps, or virtual phone systems? Your VA should master all these just like you.
  • Time management. Of all the attitudes that your assistant must possess, this perhaps is of considerable importance. Train them to be conscious of set deadlines. If the task is recurring, create a schedule when they should accomplish certain tasks.
  • Resourcefulness. Virtual assistants should be masters of the Internet. Train them to be independent and resourceful when questions arise. With Google at their disposal, there’s no way their questions can’t be answered.
  • Initiative. Initiative goes hand in hand with independence. A virtual assistant who has learned the ins and outs of your business knows what to do next when a task is done.

Outsourcing Appropriate Tasks To A Virtual Assistant
What are some of the things that a virtual assistant can do for you? When you’re done training your virtual assistant, you’ll be surprised to see them doing practically anything that you will assign — from the smallest assistance to the most complicated task like the following:

  • Keep your calendars, schedule, database, and mails updated for you
  • Research and write about a certain topic
  • Act as your secretary
  • Promote your business on the web
  • Create cards, posters, blogs, and articles for your growing business
  • Make multiple online accounts for you to have easy access with your clients
  • …and a lot more!

Hiring a virtual assistant for your business will always be the best option, especially if you’re always on the go. Aside from saving costs, you get to deal with people from offshore locations and savor the benefits of technology to the fullest.

But always remember that the success of your outsourcing experience depends on YOU and it all starts with training your virtual assistant and bringing them into the heart of your business. Look for a reliable virtual assistant company now, prepare your training tools, and get the most out of whoever you choose!