7 Steps in Training and Molding a Top-Notch Virtual Assistant for Your Business

Training and Molding a Top-Notch Virtual Assistant“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation” – Aristotle

Establishing a good business requires the best people to handle it. To become one of the best people in any business one needs to undergo training. The Aristotelian philosophy above is true enough. For those individuals who want to be the best virtual assistants, it is a necessity that they undergo virtual assistant training so they will be able to adapt quickly to the nature of work and perform the assigned tasks with efficiency and effectiveness.

There are a lot of affordable virtual assistant training programs available today that can help in molding a topnotch virtual assistant. No matter the certification, getting training that encompasses the following 7 steps is a must. Here they are:

  1. Create a convenient schedule.Setting a schedule is a good start. Identify the most convenient time for you and your client. In most instances 5 to 6 hours per day is enough.
  2. Get ready to face the pressure. A virtual assistant needs to know everything about the training – from the positive aspects to the pitfalls of the business. Pressure at work is always present so virtual assistants must be prepared.
  3. Make the training interesting. Trainees undergo training to be able to learn many things about your business. When possible make this fun and creative. Interaction and feedback is the key.
  4. Provide materials. You are obliged to do this for the convenience of trainees. These training materials may include short instructional videos, hand-outs, PowerPoint slides, training kit and even evaluation exams (both pre- and post-training exams).
  5. Monitor updates and outcome. It is important to keep track of your performance. This way you will be able to find out who can do best job for your business. At the end of the training you can distinguish which tasks are appropriate for each assistant. Training and Molding a Top-Notch Virtual Assistant
  6. Reward your virtual assistant. Giving rewards doesn’t always mean that you give financial incentives. Rewards can be in the form of verbal compliment or acknowledgement. A simple appreciation in the form of encouragement or praise can boost a person’s feeling towards his work. Often times giving bonuses to show your appreciation that your VA has been doing well for your business can be beneficial but it is not typically required. It can also be in a form of extra payment or what we call performance based incentive.
  7. Pay the right salary. You typically get what you pay for. Don’t always go with the cheapest alternative! Remember that one reason why your VAs work for you is to pay their bills. Give the salary that they deserve. If one day they realize that you are paying appropriately for their skill set, you may risk losing their service to another business owner who is willing to pay more.

There is no room for virtual assistants who are not skillful enough to handle multiple tasks and deliver high quality results. If you need a world class virtual assistant for your business, providing the best training to your new hires is essential. With your help their skills will be developed more quickly which will allow them to move your business forward.