Virtual Assistant Training Programs: Which One is Best for You?

Many people have already chosen to take a career in the field of virtual assistance because they either have the experience or they have undergone trainings to be a skilled virtual assistant. A virtual assistant is a new career for mostly young professionals who live through the influence of technology. This group of professionals have a greater sense of independence and flexibility in doing things on their own.

The virtual assistant job is a dynamic profession that provides us a constant opportunity to learn and re-learn things. Taking some virtual assistant training programs will help you in so many ways as you go along. Let’s take a look at these possible questions in choosing a training program.

  • Is everybody welcome for this training program?
  • How long is the training program?
  • Who are involved in this training? What is his background? How long has he been in this business?
  • Do they provide learning resources?
  • How much is the program? Can I afford it? Do they offer payment plans?
  • What are the methods used in this training?
  • What are the benefits of this training?

After you have answered all these questions, assess yourself – your willingness, capabilities, time, and resources – to see if you’re ready to take the training and become a skilled virtual assistant. Then, search for the virtual assistant training provider that best suits your needs. Here are a couple of suggestions:

  1. Virtual Assistant Startup System
    VA Startup System is created by Tawnya Sutherland who is a certified virtual assistant. They provide a step-by-step workbook including a wide range collection of advice and practical guidance when starting your virtual assistant business. It also includes resource materials plus VA business plans and templates.
  2. Virtual Assistant U
    This organization was founded by Janet L. Jordan. They offer a variety of courses and mini-courses to help aspiring virtual assistants as well as seasoned ones to improve their business.
  3. Assist U
    Assist U offers a variety of articles and blogs for aspiring virtual assistants. They give flexible payment options and personal care for those students who plan to join the team. This is founded by Stacy Brice who is now the President and Chief Visionary Officer.
  4. JERPATVA Coaching
    Patty Benton is the head of this program and the coach of virtual assistants. Their sessions focus more on the advantages of the profession to encourage aspiring virtual assistants. They offer reasonable prices and a chance of being a member of her team is waiting once you’re done with the training.
  5. VA Training
    This one offers a jumpstart program for those who want to start quickly and for those who have enough time to work. They have various options for tuition and coaching that you can choose from. They always make sure that you get the best experience once you go with their team.
  6. Virtual Dynamos
    This is a one-on-one coaching with students by Rebecca and Jon Trelfa. They offer reasonable prices for students which includes coaching, correspondence, assessment, and training sheets.

So, have you chosen what’s best for you? You’re on your way to being the best virtual assistant if you only invest in these virtual assistant training programs. Learning their techniques and strategies will help develop your capabilities in handling your clients. There is no difficult job if you open yourself to learning its inner workings.